Collection: Cuban Link Chains

Why are these chains called Cuban Link chains?

Cuban link chains are called "Cubans" because they originated in the Caribbean, namely Cuba and are characterized by their thick, interlocking links.

Clean cubans are also sometimes referred to as "Miami Cuban link chains" due to their popularity in Miami.

Particularly popular in the hip hop and rap culture, these type of chains are known for their durability and shine.

What are Cuban Prong Link chains?

There are the so called "clean cubans" or Miami Cuban link chains as well as the thicker, with Diamonds or more affordable Moissanite or Zirconia stones set types called Prong Cuban Link. 

Prong chains have diamond shaped links with each link being held together by a single prong at each of its corners. This gives the chain a more sparkling, diamond-like appearance, compared to the more rounded, smooth look of a regular Cuban link chain.

If you are looking specifically for prong chains we have a separate Prong Link collection.